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    登士柏公司历史 [2010-11-10 14:54:47|by:admin]


    DENTSPLY is a multinational, health care corporation with operations around the globe and a rich history of product excellence dating back to the Nineteenth Century.

    In the year 1820, the craftsmanship evidenced by a family of London silversmiths prompted a local dentist to encourage them to begin the production of dental supplies. Seven decades later, a Swiss dentist developed the first effective gold filling material. This led his sons to establish a dental business which spread throughout the European Continent and eventually to America.

    In 1872 a Toledo, Ohio, druggist was persuaded by area dentists to add dental supplies to his lines of surgical and barber products. In Delaware five years later, a dentist with only one employee set up a crude manufacturing plant in a small shed to the rear of his boyhood home. Towards the close of the century, four young businessmen from New York City pooled their resources, knowledge and skills to enter the retail dental business for themselves.

    From these diverse and modest beginnings, an enterprise emerged that is, today, the foremost independent dental corporation on Earth. DENTSPLY is the largest manufacturer of dental prosthetics and consumable dental products in the world, with factories in Europe, North and South America, and Asia and sales distribution facilities scattered throughout the globe. Our extensive research and development efforts provide the dental community with a complete range of high-quality materials used for prosthetic, restorative and preventive applications.

    With manufacturing complexes and distribution centers strategically located in twenty-one countries on six continents, DENTSPLY is uniquely positioned to serve dentistry on a global basis.

    Up to date manufacturing processes and techniques allow DENTSPLY to deliver the most reliable and technically advanced products for dentistry.

    The name DENTSPLY and its brand names such as CAULK, CAVITRON, DELTON, DYCAL,  JELTRATE, LUCITONE, MIDWEST, NUPRO, RINN, and TRUBYTE have really become synonymous with quality. All of the Company's products share a highly regarded market reputation for consistent reliability and unmatched performance. These distinctions guide us in our ongoing efforts to continue offering our customers the very finest products possible.

    The Company's continued good fortune lies in our ability to deliver the newest and most dependable technology at affordable prices. Recognizing this and in preparation for the future, we remain committed to continued research and development that strengthens our position on the leading edge of technology.

    DENTSPLY's research centers in Europe and North America complement one another. These centers are capably staffed by dentists and graduate chemists, llurgists, ceramic engineers and laboratory technicians. In fact, DENTSPLY's research and development expenditures continue to be the highest of any other dental company in the world. Independent researchers and inventors are also sought out for new ideas, techniques and products worthy of the DENTSPLY name. In the manufacturing arena, our foremost goal is zero-defect products with exceptional quality built in from the very start. We strive to perfect their services at every level of the business and are confident that their programs will meet with success.

    DENTSPLY scientists have developed entirely new categories of dental materials. For the past 100 years, this Company has grown with the same philosophy as our founders - that of personal and professional service to dentistry. In 1899 the Company was incorporated to serve the dental needs of a community. Today the same Company, DENTSPLY International, is serving the dental health care needs of the world.



    1872年,在Toledo, Ohio,一位药商在当地的牙医说服下,将牙科材料加入到他的产品线中,当时他的产品以外科器械和理发用品为主。五年后在Delaware,一位牙医与他唯一的雇员在他家后院的小车篷里开办了一家原始的加工厂。在世纪之交,四位来自美国纽约的青年才骏将他们所有的资金、知识和技术投入到了牙科器材行业,成立了登士柏公司。      现在,登士柏公司已成长成为全球规模最大的专业齿科器械制造商,在欧洲、南北美洲、亚洲均开设了工厂,在世界各地都建立了销售网络。公司通过对齿科器材的广泛而深入的研究,制造出了口腔医学各学科所需的各种优质器械和耗材。通过在六大洲21个国家战略性地设立了制造中心和分销中心,登士柏公司正以其独有的营销网络为全球的牙科从业者们提供尊贵的服务。

    登士柏公司以其与时俱进的制造工艺不断生产出最值得信赖的先进齿科器材,公司旗下的诸如:CAULK, CAVITRON, DELTON, DYCAL,  JELTRATE, LUCITONE, MIDWEST, NUPRO, RINN, and TRUBYTE等品牌早已成为优质的代名词。公司所有的产品都因其始终如一的可靠性和卓越的性能而在市场中享有美誉。这些荣誉鞭策我们尽可能在未来为广大客户提供更多更好的产品。   公司的财富来源于我们以适宜的价格销售新颖而可靠的技术。得益于此,我们在未来的工作中,将一如既往的投身于新器材的研发,力争保持我们齿科器材制造技术的领先地位。

    登士柏公司的研发中心位于欧洲和北美,它们相辅相成。这些中心的职员由牙医、化学家、冶金专家、烤瓷工程师和实验技师组成。实际上,登士柏公司用于研发工作的投资在众多的齿科器材制登商中持续位居首位。一些独立研究者和投资商也在竭尽全力开发能被登士柏公司所采用的新技术。在制造领域,我们最高目标是制造出“无暇玼产品”。我们致力于让我们的服务在每一个层面上都更加完美,我们也坚信这样的服务能带来未来的成功。  登士柏公司的科学家们已开发出全新的齿科材料系列。在过去的100多年中,公司创立者最初的理念是:为口腔医学提供个性化专业化的服务!这样的理念一直指引着公司的成长。1899年,公司的合并仅是为适应一个牙科团队的需求。今天,登士柏国际,正在为适应全球牙科从业者的需求而不断努力!


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